How many days in advance can I do a booking?

Advance bookings can be made up to 7 days for Goods and 30 days for Ride.

What is the payment method?

Payment method will be cash directly to drivers.

Can I rent a van/lorry without driver?


Can I make multiple bookings?

Yes, multiple bookings can be made.

Will I be issued a receipt after completion of trip?

An e-receipt is sent to your email, thus no receipt will be issued on the spot.


How will I know if my items can fit into the vehicle I am booking?

Illustration and measurements are indicated for each category. Use them as reference, and give some allowance.

I indicated my pick-up/drop-off point, but the system indicated that my location is keyed in wrongly. Why?

Enter only street address and select from the suggestions.

Can I change my location once I have confirmed my booking?

Yes, however you need to inform the driver-partner. Please note that the charges will be updated based on the new address.

Can I change my time/date after I have made a booking?

Yes, however you need to inform the driver-partner.

I have an additional location to go before my destination, how do I go about doing so?

Indicate under 'Notes to drivers' to inform them about the additional location/s.

If hourly booking exceed the hours I booked, how is the charges like?

Extensions are charged in 30 min blocks.

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I need an additional mover, am i able to get another person to help the driver along?

Additional mover is not part of our service, however, you can include the request in the "Notes to Partner" section as some of our driver-partners are able to provide. Do note that extra charges per helper is at $30 for single trip booking and $20/hr for hourly booking.

There is a flight of stairs that the driver needs to climb during moving of items, are there any additional charges?

Yes, each flight of stairs is charged at $10/helper.

I can't be there and I need the driver to do everything on his/her own, what are the charges like?

There will be an additional charge of $40 under additional services which includes helping hand and Partner door-to-door(Add-On).

I have pets that I need to transport, will there be any additional charges?

There is no charge incurred. However, do ensure your pets are kept in a cage during transportation.

I have 2-3 passengers to follow along with the items, is that OK?

Yes, depending on number of seats at the front.

How much time am I given at the Pick-up Point?

You are given 15 minutes grace period which includes loading of items, and another 15 minutes for unloading. Any time exceeded will incur additional charges of $0.5/min.

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